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2024 Summer Programs

Are you ready to build, create, and learn to program in a fun and friendly environment?

NMSU’s Department of Computer Science and the Young Women in Computing program (also known as YWiC, pronounced “why wick”) summer camps are tailored to achieve four major goals:

1) Build community among young women through computing;
2) Increase young women’s interest in computing;
3) Gain knowledge and experience with programming languages; and
4) Drastically increase young women’s confidence in Computer Science.

Each goal is achieved through specific sets of activities implemented in the summer camp. Participants utilize computational thinking through a variety of interactive software tools. These tools, along with team building, career exploration, and leadership activities, show students that computer science is a fun, creative, engaging, and rewarding field!

Join us to explore computer science through fun builds and learning to code! Computing skills will get you the job of your dreams someday, so join us this summer and celebrate your innate abilities for understanding how to help your neighbors, solve community issues, and discover your talents for integrating technologies.

This is not an introduction to computers camp, but a walk with programming, computational thinking, and new technologies. Young women will explore artificial intelligence, build webpages, code with TurtleStitch embroidery designs, learn Python, and celebrate their awesome designs and ideas. These camps are for YWiC Alum and participants new to YWiC. No experience necessary.
NMSU is a nationally ranked Carnegie Foundation research institution with top performing programs and services. We strive for excellence in all areas of teaching and learning, and we work to identify best practices for continued success. All participants will engage in this process via pre- and post-assessments, entry and exit interviews, daily surveys, and other data gathering methods.