Undergraduate Outreach

Measurable Success!


YWiC has seen 76 summer camp alumni graduate high school, and we are proud to say that 100% of those students have matriculated into a 4-year college/university immediately after high school! Incredibly, 80% of YWiC alumni are attending New Mexico State University. The remaining 20% are spread out across the country, attending the University of New Mexico, New Mexico Tech, Columbia University, Princeton University, Duke University, and others. Perhaps even more impressively, nearly 60% of YWiC alum are pursuing C-STEM degrees!



Building an Undergraduate Community




YWiC offers free tutoring for students majoring in Computer Science at NMSU for assistance in computer science courses, as well as in math courses, up to calculus II. The tutors are computer science graduate students. For more information on tutoring, contact the YWiC program coordinator at cgraham@cs.nmsu.edu or other staff at ywic@cs.nmsu.edu for tutoring hours and any further questions. 


Professional Opportunities

YWiC is also very good at informing students about professional opportunities, including information on internships with companies like Google, workshops at MIT, as well as department-wide opportunities to attend conferences like the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing and the New Mexico Celebration of Women in Computing. 

Student Organization


In Fall 2011, YWiC research assistants, along with other students in the Computer Science department, founded what would become the NMSU Chapter for Women and Minorities in Computing (WaMiC). WaMiC is a student organization that strives to:

  • Increase the number of female and minority students at NMSU
  • Improve the retention of female and minority students enrolled in computer related majors at NMSU
  • Promote the advancement of females and minorities in computing fields
  • Provide a forum for exchange of information pertinent to female and minority students in computing fields
  • Develop a working network with area schools to encourage female and minority students to enter computing fields
  • Promote professional advancement for females and minorities in computing fields for fostering cooperation among industry, government, and the academic and professional communities to improve educational and employment opportunities


WaMiC is led by students. These student officers were elected, because they all have a passion for the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women and minorities in C-STEM, and want to bring the students in the department together.

The group’s first initiative was having study sessions, which became very popular. WaMiC has a good mix of upperclassmen and lower class-men, presenting a great opportunity to form those crucial peer-to-peer relationships. Upperclassmen are able to give the lower class-men advice on which classes to take and what resources have been helpful. Furthermore, students taking the same classes can collaborate with each other to discuss ideas and hard concepts when faced with a tough assignment. One of the members feels, “the WaMiC study sessions make me want to come to school because now I can find a support system. Computer Science is hard, and there are times when you just want to bang your head against the wall when working on homework. The study sessions really help!”
It isn’t enough to just study together, WaMiC aspires to create a fun and friendly environment in the Computer Science department full of fun activities and events to make members and other students feel welcome. Past events have included:
  • Fun in the sun at White Sands National Monument
  • Bowling Night
  • Scavenger Hunt around campus
  • Minute to Win It Night
  • Ice Cream Socials

As the WaMIC program has grown and developed, the need for community was apparent in the computer science department as a whole. In response to this need, WaMIC has transitioned into SiC (Students in Computing). You can find them at https://sites.google.com/site/sicnmsu/ .