Summer Camps

This summer we hosted two groups of High Schoolers, including campers who have previously worked with us (Alumni), and those who are new to YWIC and coding.

The alumni camp met June 5-June 23. The campers reviewed computer science core concepts on the first Monday. The remainder of the three weeks was allotted for the students to create their own projects using any platform, including but not limited to Java, HTML, Arduino Lily Pad, and App Inventor. Many students completed several project during the entire three week camp. 


The new camp started June 5-June 16. These campers were introduced to computer science core concepts on the first Monday. The first week, students learned about cybersecurity, encryption, data compression, and binary/hexadecimal coding. The students main project was Arduino Lily Pad coding in C. They created their own tote bag by coding lights and music, painting a design, and sewing the Lilypad and LED lights on the bag. During the second week, students were introduced to Raspberry Pi. By coding Raspberry Pi campers were also introduced to Python coding language. 


Both camps held a Showcase on June 16th, and alumni finished their camp with a Showcase on June 23rd. 



Fall Events