History 2011-2013


Spring Events

  • January – YWiC brought in the new year by hiring three fabulous technical women to their staff – Noor Muhyi, Susana Bali, and Samantha McGuinn.
  • January – YWiC partnered with Guts y Girls to host a day-long PicoCricket workshop in Santa Fe, NM. 22 female middle school students and their mentors worked together to create a PicoCricket Circus.
  • January – YWiC led 2 PicoCricket workshops at the Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) in Albuquerque.
  • February – Undergraduate Research Assistants went to Onate High School to participate in Career Night. In a hands-on environment, YWiC introduced incoming 8th-grade students to Alice and PicoCrickets and answered students’ and parents’ questions about what it means to pursue a CS degree in college.
  • February – 3 YWiC NM Supercomputing Challenge Alumni judged and provided feedback on student entries into the Supercomputing Challenge and then joined other YWiC members to participate in the New Mexico Network of Women in Science and Engineering meet and greet.
  • March – Undergraduate Research Assistant Tasha Nesiba gave the keynote speech and reached over 200 students at the EYH Conference in Santa Fe. Also, YWiC members led 4 PicoCricket workshops at this conference.
  • April – YWiC hosted its second EYH Conference at NMSU. 76 middle school students, grades 6th – 8th, participated in the event, which included 13 workshops – 5 of which were led by YWiC members.
  • May – 39 students from Artesia, NM participated in a PicoCricket workshop, and then later in the evening YWiC members led a Scratch workshop for 35 students and 30 parents in the Branigan Library.
  • May – YWiC participated in a Career Day at Hillrise Elementary School. Undergraduate Research Assistants completed four presentations to a total of 75 elementary students.


Summer Camps

The 2013 Middle School Summer Camp was held June 3 – June 14. 35 middle school girls came to NMSU and enjoyed fun activities and an awesome learning experience in an exciting, open, and challenging environment. The camp format was slightly different from past years – Each day of camp focused on a different learning platform:

  • Day 1: CS Core Concepts
  • Day 2: Complex and Directional Instructions
  • Day 3: Scratch
  • Day 4: Design Blocks
  • Day 5: HTML
  • Day 6: PicoCrickets
  • Day 7: Paper Circuits
  • Day 8: Starlogo TNG
  • Day 9: Google Sketchup
  • Presentations to parents!


For the second summer, YWiC hosted two 1-week summer camps for high school girls. The first week (June 17 – June 21) introduced students to LilyPad, App Inventor, and CS Forensics Fingerprinting platforms. The second week (June 24 – June 28) introduced students to Alice 3.0, Lego Mindstorms NXT, and CS Forensics Blood Spatter Analysis platforms. Additionally, students engaged in a number of team-building and leadership development activities, as well as weekly evening activities (Week 1 – Movie night, “Wreck-It Ralph”; Week 2 – First Annual YWiC Hunger Games). 28 girls participated in the YWiC HS Summer Camps over the 2-week period.

This summer also saw YWiC host its second residential camp for students from northern New Mexico.




  • YWiC hosted the first EYH Conference at NMSU. Thirty middle school students, grades 6th – 8th, participated in the Saturday event and included 11 workshops with 17 presenters.
  • YWiC sponsors 3 all-female teams in the NM SuperComputing Challenge. The team awards included Best Presentation and Best Team Work. Additionally, 5 of the 6 competing seniors earned scholarship awards ranging from $500-$2000!
  • A city-wide App Competition was conducted, utilizing online instruction and support. This wonderful idea initially reached over 100 interested students across Las Cruces.
  • YWiC began an Elementary outreach at East Picacho Elementary through PicoCricket workshops. The collaboration with EPE and Enrich the Kids established an 8 weeks after-school computing program for about 20 students grade 3rd-5th. Learn more here.
  • Hosted 38 outreach events, reaching over 1,100 students, including:
    • Roadshows
    • Workshops
    • Conference Activities
    • Math and Science Nights
    • Career Nights
    • Competitions, such as Supercomputing Challenge, MESA Science Fair, etc.

Summer Camps

The 2012 high school summer camp was held June 4 – 29. 21 female students came to NMSU and enjoyed fun activities, awesome curriculum, exposure to the NMSU Campus, learned about the college admissions process, college financial aid, and even earned dual-credit enrollment for college. For the first time, YWiC hosted concurrent summer camps for high school and middle school girls, including 4 weeks for the high school girls and 2 weeks for middle school camp.  The carefully tailored curriculum included the use of Alice, CS Forensics, LilyPad Arduino, NXT Mindstorm Lego Robotics, AppInventor, 3D Spatial Visualization Training, Core Concepts and CS Unplugged, Teambuilding, and open lab for project work.

For the first time, YWiC hosted 2 summer camps for high school  girls. The 2nd high school summer camp was held July 5 – 14, and was a collaborative effort with GUTSyGirls. The curriculum had students learning programming topics through StarLogo TNG, HTML/Website Development, LilyPad Arduino, and NXT Mindstorm Lego Robotics. This was the first camp of it’s kind: 12 students participated in this 9-day overnight, residential camp. Sponsors included NSF, NMSU, Santa Fe Institute, Google, UNM, New Mexico Tech, and the Supercomputing Challenge.

The 2012 middle school summer camp was conducted in collaboration with GUTSyGirls. This year, 32 camp participants mastered programming concepts in StarLogo TNG. Each camper completed daily projects that culminated in one large final project for 12 groups.


  • 26 Roadshows, workshops, and team visits for elementary, middle and high school students, reaching 815 students across southern NM, through awesome collaborations with Project GUTS, MESA, SNM SEMAA, LCPS teachers, and the Supercomputing Challenge!
  • YWiC undergraduate research assistants present in the 2012 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Student Poster Session in Baltimore, MD.
  • YWiC undergraduate research assistants and NMSU staff attend the CAHSI / SACNAS conference in Seattle, WA. 
  • The New Mexico Celebration of Women in Computing / New Mexico Girls Collaborative Kick Off meeting was hosted by YWiC in Las Cruces, NM. 
  • Workshops, posters, and/or presentations given during: 
    • NM Science Teachers Association/NM Council of Teachers of Mathematics/Environmental Education Association of NM Annual Conference
    • NM Educators Conference
    • NM Network for Women in Science and Engineering
    • NM Celebration of Women in Computing Conference, with the 
    • NM Girls Collaborative in CSTEM Kickoff Conference.



  • YWiC sponsors a team in the regional New Mexico Botball Tournament. The team won 2nd Place Overall and Judge’s Choice Award for Outstanding Strategy.
  • Hosted 28 Roadshows, workshops, and outreach activities, reaching over 700 students in southern NM!
  • Visited area Math and Science Nights at local middle schools.
  • Participated in Career Days with middle and high schools.
  • Hosted an App Competition, held at LCHS, initially reaching and exposing over 80 students to the world of app development.
  • Conducted workshops with the following groups:
    • NM STEM Center
    • Project GUTS
    • MESA
    • SEMAA
    • GEAR UP NM
  • Served as Judges for various regional STEM competitions.
  • Collaborated with UNM representatives to participate and host workshops in the Expanding Your Horizons Conference, held at UNM, serving over 250 girls in STEM.

Summer Camp

For the 2011 summer session, YWiC hosted 7 weeks of summer camp, providing over 30 hours of CS training for each middle and high school girl! Our high school gals attended sessions on Alice animation programming, NXT robotics, LilyPad Arduino, CS Forensics with App Inventor and StarLogo TNG, and 3D Spatial Rotation.

The middle school campers learned how to create their own SmartBoard, Alice Storytelling, and created a whole festival world using PicoCricket Robotics.

For more information on our summer camps, please visit the Outreach pages!


  • YWiC undergraduate research assistants present in the 2011 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Student Poster Session in Portland, OR.
  • Three all-girl teams compete in the NM Supercomputing Challenge and create amazing CS and Science research projects and simulations, including:
    • Health Impact of First Responders from the September 11 Attacks
    • Space Junk: How much is too much?
    • Utopia: What elements must exist to achieve a Utopian society in emerging communities?
  • 14 Roadshows and workshops for elementary, middle and high school students, reaching 475 students!
  • Helped with the LC BEST Robotics competition as consultants and technology support.
  • Collaborated with Project GUTS, MESA, SEMAA, 21st Century SEMAA, and many others to provide inventive and fun activities for students throughout Dona Ana County.
  • Served as judges for several, regional STEM competitions.