Lego EV3 Robotics









What is EV3 Robotics?

Lego Mindstorms EV3 is the latest generation of Lego Mindstorms and was released in 2013. Because Lego had stopped selling NXT in retail stores, YWiC upgraded to the newest version and purchased new kits for the students.  YWiC first used the new kits during the 2015 summer camp, and it was a huge success.

What activities do we do with EV3 robotics?

Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics is the perfect activity to introduce the differences between hardware and software, and for the girls to actually work with both. During the 2015 summer camp, high school and middle school students followed building instructions to create their own robot model (Usually working in groups of two) . EV3 has many new builds, but a lot of the old NXT builds also worked with the new pieces. These two websites were very useful and provided many diverse building instructions:

NXT Builds

EV3 Builds

After the girls finished their building, they were introduced to programming. The EV3 programming application is a drag-and-drop based coding program. Here, the students program the ‘brick’ or the ‘control center’ to send instructions to different parts that are connected to it. These instructions make the robot move, and the students finally see their projects come to life! To download the EV3 Programming Application, click this link: Program Download

Another awesome feature of EV3 Robotics is the EV3 Commander App that the students used to control their robot. This app is iOS and Android compatible and can be downloaded on any phone or tablet. This link provides step by step instructions on how to connect the app to a robot:  EV3 Commander App Connection Instructions

Since the EV3 robotics curriculum was so successful over the summer, we now implement this to the after school workshops for middle school during the school year.

To view the full EV3 curriculum click here: EV3 curriculum