Google Sketch-Up

Google Sketch-up is a 3D modeling tool created by Google to incorporate creativity and make amazing buildings for Google Maps. It can be downloaded from the internet and installed into your computer.
Summer 2013 was the first year YWiC incorporated Google Sketch-Up into the middle school curriculum. Our students worked on it for one day and were able to complete three projects.

Before they started their projects the students were given an introduction to Google Sketch-Up in an powerpoint. 
To view this powerpoint click the image below.

The students were given two projects to work on with the instructors: dog house and cat perch. Then they were asked to make a house as their final project.


Dog House:

Students were given a design plan and purpose for designing the dog house. 
To view the design plan click here.


My dog Brodie wants a dog house. He is 110 lbs, seven year old shepherd mix.  He stands 35 inches tall and is 60 inches from his nose to his tail.  Usually, he is inside where it is nice and cool in the summer. He likes to go outside, but there isn’t enough shade.  Most dog houses are too small and don’t get enough of a breeze for him to be comfortable.  Can you help him out?

The final product could look like this: 
Cat Perch:

Students were given a design plan and purpose for designing the cat perch.
To view the design plan click here.
Scenario: Let’s say that my friend has a nine year old munchkin cat named Lily. She likes to be perched up high like most cats but because she is a munchkin she can only jump 6 inches off of the ground, so every store we go to the perches are too high! Can you make a nice perch for her to use so that she can watch everything from off of the ground? It would also be nice for her to be able to hide somewhere in the bed! She is 15 inches long and 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide which might help when building as well!
The final product could look like this:

Final Project:

The final project was all up the the student’s imagination. They were given the following requirements:

  • Must be a house.
  • Must have walls, roof, garage,and garage door. 
  • At least 4 components.
    • door, windows, furniture, people, pets, objects, plant.
  • Needs to be realistic measures. 
  • Add a shadow.
  • Must be colored.
Look at what some of our Summer 2013 Campers did: