C Programming and PuTTY

The C programming and PuTTY curriculum is more advanced curriculum designed for high school students with some programming experience. This is a five step curriculum that teaches the basics of Secure Shell Login and Linux file system traversal. Basic C programs teach the importance of debugging, compiling, data structures, and program security. In the last lesson students are given free reign to complete C Programming challenges.

Lesson 1:

Slide Deck- Intro to PuTTY

Intro to SSH Lesson Plan

PuTTY Cheat Sheet

VI and Putty Lesson Plan

Lesson 2:

Slide Deck – PuTTY, X11, & C Programming

PuTTY, X11, & C Programming Lesson Plan


Quiz 1

Lesson 3:

Slide Deck – C Programming

C Programming Lesson Plan


Quiz 2

Lesson 4:

Slide Deck – C Programming Part II

C Programming Part II Lesson Plan

Quiz 3

Lesson 5:

Slide Deck – C Programming Challenges

C Programming Challenges Lesson Plan