YWiC has come a long way since 2006! A program director, a program coordinator, and undergraduate research assistants make up the fabulous YWiC team! Each individual contributes great energy and ideas toward the overall goals of the program, so it’s worth mentioning a little bit about each person!

Current Program Leaders

Nicole Price

Nicole is a graduate student at New Mexico State University pursuing a masters degree in Computer Science. She has worked with YWiC since February 2015 and is excited to continue as a graduate assistant focusing on Cyber Security curriculum for YWiC After-schools clubs and Summer camps. Some of her favorite activities include playing the flute, piano, guitar, ukulele, and singing. Mostly, Nicole enjoys learning new and interesting things about technology, math, and music.

Angela Kearns

Angela Kearns is a senior at New Mexico State University. She is currently working towards a Bachelors of Science degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Science. Angela joined the YWiC team in August 2015. She is a Crimson Scholar and a recipient of the prestigious Conroy Merit Scholarship at NMSU. Between classes and her work with YWiC, she stays pretty busy, but she also enjoys dancing, specifically ballet, in her free time.

Elena Davidson

Elena is currently a senior at New Mexico State University pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. As a high school student, she participated in the YWiC Summer Camps. It was at those camps that Elena’s interest in coding began. While at NMSU she received the Conroy Achievement Scholarship and was recognized as a CAHSI Scholar. She has spent the past two summers interning at Google and Qualcomm. In her free time, Elena enjoys rewatching The Office, drinking lots of coffee, and planning her next Disneyland trip.

Sasha Smith

Sasha is currently a junior at New Mexico State University studying Electrical Engineering. She is a Crimson Scholar as well as a recipient of the Honors Excel Scholarship. Having attended Young Women in Computing (YWiC) as a camper in the summers of 2014 and 2015, Sasha had the opportunity to be a camp assistant for the summer of 2016. Through these camps, she realized that she has a love for the learning environment. Sasha is working as a research assistant for YWiC and is extremely excited to have the opportunity to learn from others as well as share her own knowledge. She had the opportunity to teach Raspberry Pi/Python and Cybersecurity in the summer of 2017. Teaching has taught her the most because it gives her the experience needed to verify her grasp on a concept. Sasha is excited to be interning with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics lab for summer 2019. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Netflix, listening to music, and reading books.

Gabi Hernandez

 Gabi is a sophomore at NMSU and is extremely excited to continue to pursue her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Computer Science, and potentially work towards a minor in Digital Forensics. In her free time, Gabi practices martial arts and nurturing her cacti. 

Kami Otero De Owens

Kami Otero De Owens is now completing her junior year at New Mexico State University and is pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science. She is a new member of YWiC and will be leading after-school programs and the non-competitive robotics team in the Spring of 2018. She is also a leader during the Summer Camps in 2018. Some of her favorite activities include volleyball, belly dancing, and playing all sorts of games. Kami enjoys her pursuit of learning about computers, their ability to solve problems, and how they can change the world. 

Sikta Swarnav Das

Sikta is a sophomore at New Mexico State University. She is working towards a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. This is her third semester as a program leader with YWiC and she is extremely excited to be part of a team which inspires young women to pursue Computer Science as a career. She is also a work-study student and works as a web designer at Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at the university. She loves Harry Potter and dogs!

Vensan Cabardo

Vensan Cabardo is a Junior at New Mexico State University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. An avid advocate for diversity in computing, she has participated in both NMSU’s Young Women in Computing program and Google’s Tech Exchange Program, both initiatives to increase the diversity of the technology workforce. She plans to pursue a career in the future as a Software Engineer.



Current Administrative Staff

– Program Coordinator

Dr. Enrico Pontelli – Program Director

Dr. Enrico Pontelli is the program director for Young Women in Computing, as well as the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at NMSU. He was the PI on the original NSF grant that established YWiC in 2006, along with several other members of the faculty and staff in NMSU Computer Science. Dr. Pontelli received a Laurea (Bachelors) in Computer Science University of Udine, a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. Dr. Pontelli has been recognized as a Regent Professor at NMSU, one of the university’s highest honors bestowed on faculty members.




Past Superstar YWiC Staff



Sofi Bali – Attending Graduate School at UT Dallas. We wish you the best!
Analyssa Martinez Fall 2016-Fall 2017

Kassie Lamm Summer 2017-Fall 2017


Marissa Carbajal
Hang Ngo
Nicole Ray is currently a Systems Analyst with the NASA White Sands Test Facility
Sam McGuinn is currently a Software Engineer with Cisco
Samira Pakravan is currently working on a Doctorate Degree
Noor Muhyi is currently working on a Masters Degree
Esperanza Medina is currently a Software Engineer with Go Daddy
Susana Bali is currently an intern with El Paso Electric Co., and just completed a semester exchange in Spain
Tasha Nesiba is currently a Software Engineer with Google
Janie Chen is currently a Software Engineer with A9.Com
Jen Dana-Farley