Pencil Code


What is Pencil?

Pencil is “A modern sandbox for little programs”, where you get to explore programming and learn many computer science concepts using cute little turtles and making many fun projects! It uses a language called CoffeeScript. Professional software engineers use CoffeeScript to build complex websites, but CoffeeScript code can also be very simple.

Getting Started with Pencil Code

Pencil Code is an open source, online community, so every resource from the site is free and as we work and create projects we will be working online. When we build different projects, we use the preloaded programs on the Pencil Code website, typing out commands on the canvas (your awesome coding area), and making a little turtle do all sorts of cool things. For example: fd moves the turtle forward, and play plays musical notes. It is straightforward and fun! To open up pencil code, we go to and we can immediately start creating something or go straight into making an account. 
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