Greenfoot is a simple programming IDE that uses real Java Code combined with an interactive visual world to create scenarios.

For a brief breakdown of this definition check out  the Greenfoot Prezi!


Scope of Curriculum

YWiC will be incorporating the Greenfoot curriculum for the first time this summer. The curriculum is being taught at the Middle School and High School level.
The Greenfoot sessions will give exposure to the Greenfoot platform, basic Java, and some programming logic that is the basis of most computer science programming. The sessions are usually taught at the summer program by undergraduate students with some interest in Computer Science. The sessions are intended to be an hour long, but can greatly be extended to create extensive projects.
Necessary Downloads
Before beginning any of the sessions download Greenfoot at the Greenfoot Download page.
Greenfoot is compatible most operating systems, but double check compatibility on their download page.
More Greenfoot information can be found at the Greenfoot Website!

Get Creative!! Create You Own Project Today!

Some cool project ideas range from a difficult shooter game to a simple maze game. The possibilities are endless.
Begin today with either the Middle School Curriculum or the High School Curriculum!!!
YouTube Greenfoot Demos:

Polygon Shooter Game

Pauls Maze Game

Greenfoot Possibility Demo

Platform Game Demo

Greeps Game Demo

More Exciting Games Can Be Found
At the Greenfoot Scenario Page!!
Some are Open Source, which     means that anyone can have     access to the code or even     download it to view.
Check them out:)