Community Outreach

The Young Women in Computing (YWiC) program began in 2006 as part of the National Science Foundation’s Broadening Participation in Computing grant. Over the past seven years, the program has established a successful and sustainable outreach program. Building upon the initial five-week summer camp for high school females, the program has become a multi-faceted computer science community outreach program, which has strong foundations in local public schools as well as NMSU.

In large part, the program focuses on reaching students at the middle school level to spark their interest in technology fields and works on retaining these students by offering high school camps and clubs. In addition to working with students in the local public schools, the program also works to recruit and employ female computer science students and offers tutoring, mentoring, and general support for all of NMSU’s CS female undergraduates. YWiC looks forward to continuing its efforts in the local high schools and middle schools, as well as expanding its collegiate group to include women in other computer science related fields.

Due to YWiC’s large base in the community, local schools and the NMSU campus, the program has been able in influence a diverse group of women. YWiC’s location also gives a unique advantage of being able to reach a large female Hispanic and Native American demographic. 


If you would like to plan a visit to the NMSU Computer Science Department, please fill out the form here.

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